Donation Management

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Experience the Power of Donor Management

Donor management helps churches guild every member of the congregation in their faith journey, It does not matter how big or how small their donation is. Talking to church partners has made us understand that supporting some individuals’ journeys is sometimes difficult. FaithPays introduces Donor Management tools to make this easier and without stress. You can monitor each status of every donor and know whether that person is a new donor, recurrent donor or top donor. These Donor Management tools give insights and provide recommendations to assist church workers in identifying church trends and activities. This is the first of its kind.

Find Your Giving Information (Discover what it means)

Find Your Giving Information (Discover what it means) Donor Management gives you the full view of your giving: from one-time giving to recurrent giving. You can view the donor data of a single member of your congregation to determine where that person is on their faith journey or you can do so for the entire church. Donor Management also has what we call the Transaction Import. With this feature, you can bring/import previous data from your old giving platform. This tool will allow you to have a broader base of information, which will help you connect with your congregation as well as persons in the community.

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Donations: Not Just About Money

Financial giving is an important aspect of church life. It is the foundation of the church’s ability to function. Donation or giving is not always about money. There is a spiritual component to it. Donor Management was built to help you identify both at-risk as well as consistent donors who have stopped giving for various reasons. With this platform, you can identify and keep in touch with each donor to ensure that all is well with them, their household, and their spiritual life.

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Giving Commitment: Get persons involved in the next steps of your church growth.

From first-time giving to the recurrent-giving experience, FaithPays gives you the tools to assist them. Even for first-timers who interact with your church on their first day, FaithPays provides easy ways to carry them along to the next level of involvement. Our Donor Commitment tools help keep track of each individual’s faith journey by providing options for keeping in touch and assisting them in their needed areas of faith.

Donor management (What you can do)

Donor Management helps you track and manage donations and issue charitable receipts. It allows your donors to print their year-end donation receipts and it gives you the option of printing or emailing a receipt to them. We have developed Donor Management recognizing its immense value to treasurers, bookkeepers, administrators and administrative assistants. Let Donor Management take you and your church to the next level of convenient management!

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Enjoy our donation, texing, and church app for CAD $99 only

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