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Donation Management

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Experience The Power of Donor Management

Donor management helps churches guild every member of the congregation in their faith journey, it does not matter how big or how small their donation is. Talking to church partners has made us understand that supporting some individuals’ journeys is sometimes difficult. FaithPays introduces Donor Management tools to make this easier and without stress. You can monitor each status of every donor and know whether that person is a new donor, recurrent donor or top donor. These Donor Management tools give insights and provide recommendations to assist church workers in identifying church trends and activities. This is the first of its kind.

Text Messaging Services

With our texting service, you can send unlimited texts at a record-low price. Our texting application allows you to send bulk SMS, create campaigns, use keywords, use auto responders and organize subscribers. There are also other user-friendly features which provide an awesome texting experience.

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A Church Mobile App designed just for you!

A Church Mobile App designed just for you! From a constantly updating dynamic home screen to intelligent notifications that are sent by categories, the FaithPays App has all the features you need to connect with the members of your business communities and church members every day of the week. Whether it’s a custom live poll, fill-in-the-blank sermon notes or business announcement, the FaithPays app helps your church and business connect with your community via mobile devices.

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Exceptional Customer Care

Reliable service amounts to satisfied clients. Let FaithPays guide you all the way!
  • Partner Enhancement FaithPays is committed to fostering strong partner relationships through enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Topnotch Training We have gained a wealth of experience in our quest to enhance generosity in giving, and communication via our text messaging service and donor management. Our migration and integration template, tutorials and training documents are at your disposal to help your staff and members.
  • Technology Integration Our team is readily available to help you in making that switch to FaithPays safe and secure; in a manner that protects your financial records. Make that switch to FaithPays today!